Pazar It was founded in BC 64 by Pompeius under the name of "Athena". "Athena", which is a Greek word, means Minerva in Latin. It means mind, beauty and wisdom. Athena, founded by the Roman council Pompeius, remained attached to Rome for a long time. Since Athena mountains have a beauty that does not pass, the Greeks, Georgians, Mergels and Armenians who escaped from the invaders of the time have also been a shelter. It has not been demonstrated.

The direct contact of the district with Islam begins with the Turkish acceptance of Islam. The Pazar and its region accept Islam completely in 1054. When the liberation of Trabzon from the Greek Pontus Empire took place in 1461 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the Rize beaches were completely conquered by the Ottomans. When Athena region also joined Turkish domination, Pazar was given to the commanders under Ali Pasha's command as grooming. Some of the people of Erzurum were placed in Rize during the period of Yavuz Sultan Selim Pazar  was administered as a grooming for a long time in the Ottoman period. Batumi remained as a district of Batumi without being left to Russia, and it was completely transformed into a district in 1864. Our district was under Russian occupation in 1916, and was freed from Russian occupation in 1918. In the Republican period, the name Athena was changed to Pazar in 1928. It is used as "Marketplace" in Pazar. Pazar was established on the Hopa-Rize state road in the east of Rize, in the east-west direction. Ardeşen in the east, Çayeli in the west, Hemşin and Çamlıhemşin districts in the south and the Black Sea in the north.


Its area is 315 km2. The Pazar land has a hilly structure. The land was created with deep valleys. It receives precipitation regularly in every season of the year. Although the summers are cool, the heavy rainy months increase the humidity. The regime of streams is irregular. The biggest stream of the district is the Hemşin Stream. Others are Bodasarı, Melyat and Hunarsu streams.