About Pazar TSO


Pazar Chamber of Commerce is available in 5174 that governs Turkey Chambers and Chambers and Commodity Exchanges with the Association of Stock Exchanges Act, a joint service of the members, the use of User's activity, the profession development in accordance with the general interest, in 1991 by the Board of Directors Yuksel ZAMAN at our township's  old house. 

Also in 1997 , we started to work our own place that placed  Old Governor Passage Flat:2 Pazar / Rize adress.

And last , 2019 we relocated our chamber the new place in New Adres of (Pazar District. Karadeniz Street. No:39 Pazar / RİZE)

We wish for our members to have  more succeses in their lifes.



Pazar Chamber of Commerce And Industry

Board of Director